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The University of Louisiana at Monroe is located in Northeast Louisiana in the city of Monroe. Monroe and West Monroe are twin cities that are a business and education hub in this region. The ULM Gerontology Program is the only graduate program in Gerontology in Louisiana. In February 2021, it was nationally ranked as # 3 by three independent ranking bodies. It is a fully online program. GRE is not required if the undergraduate GPA is 2.5 or higher. The program has been recognized nationally for being “one of the most affordable” programs. It offers the following academic curricula:

Besides offering academic curricula, the program also provides many opportunities to students for internships in the Gerontology industry and other hands-on professional experiences. The program organizes ongoing community outreach activities, workshops, conferences, webinars, and community-education events. Training programs are offered to professionals for career enhancement and for continuing education hours. Special seminars are organized for senior citizens on topics such as, elder law; chronic illnesses; dementia; healthy aging; nutrition, etc.

Dr. Anita Sharma, LCSW
Dr. Anita Sharma, LCSWProgram Director